Release notes for v1.3.1

minikube v1.3.1 is now available, which addresses regressions found in the v1.3.0 release. Here are the changes

  • Update code references to point to new documentation site #5052
  • Localization support for help text #4814
  • Upgrade cheggaaa/pb from v1.0.27 to v3.0.1 #5025
  • Restore –disable-driver-mounts flag #5026
  • Fixed the template for dashboard output #5004
  • Use a temp dest to atomically download the iso #5000

Thank you to our merry band of contributors for assembling this last minute bug fix release.

  • Jituri, Pranav
  • Medya Ghazizadeh
  • Pranav Jituri
  • Ramiro Berrelleza
  • Sharif Elgamal
  • Thomas Strömberg
  • josedonizetti