Contributing to minikube documentation

minikube’s documentation is in Markdown, and generated using the following tools:

In production, the minikube website is served using Netlify

Local documentation website

To serve documentation pages locally, clone the minikube repository and run:

make site

NOTE: On Windows, our site currently causes Hugo to panic.


We recommend installing markdownlint to find issues with your markdown file. Once installed, you can use this handy target:

make mdlint

Style Guidelines

We follow the Kubernetes Documentation Style Guide

Linking between documents

For compile-time checking of links, use one of the following forms to link between documentation pages:

{{< ref "" >}}
{{< ref "#anchor" >}}
{{< ref "" >}}
{{< ref "/blog/my-post" >}}
{{< ref "/blog/" >}}
{{< relref "" >}}
{{< relref "#anchor" >}}
{{< relref "" >}}

For more information, please see Hugo: Links and Cross References

Pull Request Previews

When reviewing documentation PR’s, look for the test that says:

✓ deploy/netlify Deploy preview ready! Details

The Details link will point to a site preview URL in the form of: