Kubernetes configuration reference

minikube allows users to configure the Kubernetes components with arbitrary values. To use this feature, you can use the --extra-config flag on the minikube start command.

This flag is repeated, so you can pass it several times with several different values to set multiple options.

Selecting a Kubernetes version

By default, minikube installs the latest stable version of Kubernetes that was available at the time of the minikube release. You may select a different Kubernetes release by using the --kubernetes-version flag, for example:

minikube start --kubernetes-version=v1.11.10

If you omit this flag, minikube will upgrade your cluster to the default version. If you would like to pin to a specific Kubernetes version across clusters, restarts, and upgrades to minikube, use:

minikube config set kubernetes-version v1.11.0

minikube follows the Kubernetes Version and Version Skew Support Policy, so we guarantee support for the latest build for the last 3 minor Kubernetes releases. When practical, minikube aims for the last 6 minor releases so that users can emulate legacy environments.

As of September 2019, this means that minikube supports and actively tests against the latest builds of:

  • v1.16 (default
  • v1.15
  • v1.14
  • v1.13
  • v1.12
  • v1.11 (best effort)

For more up to date information, see OldestKubernetesVersion and NewestKubernetesVersion in constants.go

Modifying Kubernetes defaults

The kubeadm bootstrapper can be configured by the --extra-config flag on the minikube start command. It takes a string of the form component.key=value where component is one of the strings

  • kubeadm
  • kubelet
  • apiserver
  • controller-manager
  • scheduler

and key=value is a flag=value pair for the component being configured. For example,

minikube start --extra-config=apiserver.v=10 --extra-config=kubelet.max-pods=100

For instance, to allow Kubernetes to launch on an unsupported Docker release:

minikube start --extra-config=kubeadm.ignore-preflight-errors=SystemVerification
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