Core Tasks

What can you do with minikube?

Each task should give the user

  • The prerequisites for this task, if any (this can be specified at the top of a multi-task page if they’re the same for all the page’s tasks. “All these tasks assume that you understand….and that you have already….”).
  • What this task accomplishes.
  • Instructions for the task. If it involves editing a file, running a command, or writing code, provide code-formatted example snippets to show the user what to do! If there are multiple steps, provide them as a numbered list.
  • If appropriate, links to related concept, tutorial, or example pages.

Building images within minikube

Building images within minikube

Caching images

How to cache arbitrary Docker images


Using the Kubernetes Dashboard

Accessing host resources

How to access host resources from a pod


Using addons

Filesystem mounts

How to mount a host directory into the VM

File Sync

How to sync files into minikube

LoadBalancer access

How to access a LoadBalancer service in minikube

NodePort access

How to access a NodePort service in minikube

Using the Docker daemon

How to access the Docker daemon within minikube

Using the Docker registry

How to access the Docker registry within minikube

Working with Registries

How to interact with Docker registries.


How to debug issues within minikube