Building images within minikube

Building images within minikube

When using a single VM of Kubernetes it’s really handy to build inside the VM; as this means you don’t have to build on your host machine and push the image into a docker registry - you can just build inside the same machine as minikube which speeds up local experiments.

Docker (containerd)

For Docker, you can either set up your host docker client to communicate by reusing the docker daemon.

Or you can use minikube ssh to connect to the virtual machine, and run the docker build there:

docker build

For more information on the docker build command, read the Docker documentation (

Podman (cri-o)

For Podman, there is no daemon running. The processes are started by the user, monitored by conmon.

So you need to use minikube ssh, and you will also make sure to run the command as the root user:

sudo -E podman build

For more information on the podman build command, read the Podman documentation (

Build context

For the build context you can use any directory on the virtual machine, or any address on the network.