Using the Podman service

How to access the Podman service within minikube


You should be using minikube with the container runtime set to CRI-O. It uses the same storage as Podman.

Method 1: Without minikube registry addon

When using a single VM of Kubernetes it’s really handy to reuse the Podman service inside the VM; as this means you don’t have to build on your host machine and push the image into a container registry - you can just build inside the same container storage as minikube which speeds up local experiments.

To be able to work with the podman client on your mac/linux host use the podman-env command in your shell:

eval $(minikube podman-env)

You should now be able to use podman on the command line on your host mac/linux machine talking to the podman service inside the minikube VM:

podman-remote help

Remember to turn off the imagePullPolicy:Always, as otherwise Kubernetes won’t use images you built locally.