Untrusted Root Certificate

Using minikube with Untrusted Root Certificate


Most organizations deploy their own Root Certificate and CA service inside the corporate networks. Internal websites, image repositories and other resources may install SSL server certificates issued by this CA service for security and privacy concerns. You may install the Root Certificate into the minikube VM to access these corporate resources within the cluster.


  • Corporate X.509 Root Certificate
  • Latest minikube binary and ISO


  • The certificate must be in PEM format. You may use openssl to convert from DER format.

    openssl x509 -inform der -in my_company.cer -out my_company.pem
  • You may need to delete existing minikube VM

    minikube delete
  • Copy the certificate before creating the minikube VM

    mkdir -p $HOME/.minikube/certs
    cp my_company.pem $HOME/.minikube/certs/my_company.pem
    minikube start