Deploying apps

How to deploy an application to minikube


kubectl create deployment hello-minikube1 --image=kicbase/echo-server:1.0
kubectl expose deployment hello-minikube1 --type=LoadBalancer --port=8080


minikube has a built-in list of applications and services that may be easily deployed, such as Istio or Ingress. To list the available addons for your version of minikube:

minikube addons list

To enable an add-on, see:

minikube addons enable <name>

To enable an addon at start-up, where –addons option can be specified multiple times:

minikube start --addons <name1> --addons <name2>

For addons that expose a browser endpoint, you can quickly open them with:

minikube addons open <name>

To disable an addon:

minikube addons disable <name>