Development Roadmap

This roadmap is a living document outlining the major technical improvements which we would like to see in minikube during 2022, divided by how they apply to our guiding principles

Please send a PR to suggest any improvements to it.


(#1) GUI

  • Be able to start, stop, pause, and delete clusters via a GUI
  • Application available for all supported platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows

(#2) Documentation

  • Consolidate Kubernetes documentation that references minikube
  • Delete outdated documentation
  • Add documentation for new features

(#3) ARM64 Support

  • Add Linux VM support
  • Add Mac M1 VM support

(#4) Docker

  • Remove the Docker Desktop requirement on Mac and Windows
  • Continue supporting Docker as a container runtime (with CRI)

(#5) libmachine Refactor

  • Add new driver (with QEMU) to replace HyperKit, primarily for Mac arm64
  • Fix the provisioner, remove legacy Swarm, and add support for other runtimes