Development Roadmap

This roadmap is a living document outlining the major technical improvements which we would like to see in minikube during 2021, divided by how they apply to our guiding principles

Please send a PR to suggest any improvements to it.


(#1) Inclusive and community-driven

  • Maintainers from 4 countries, 4 companies
  • Enhancements approved by a community-driven process
  • Installation documentation in 5+ written languages

(#2) User-friendly

  • Automatic installation of hypervisor dependencies
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Built-in 3rd Party ecosystem with 50+ entries

(#3) Support all Kubernetes features

  • Multi-node
  • IPv6
  • Usage documentation for 3 leading CNI providers
  • Automatically publish conformance test results after a release

(#4) Cross-platform

  • VM-free deployment to containers (Docker, Podman)
  • Windows as a first-class citizen
  • WSL2 support (no additional VM required)
  • Firecracker VM support
  • Generic (SSH) driver support

(#5) Reliable

  • Resource alerts
  • Time synchronization on HyperKit
  • Prototype post-libmachine implementation of minikube

(#6) High Performance

  • Startup latency under 30s
  • Pause support
  • <25% CPU overhead on a single core
  • Kernel-assisted mounts (CIFS, NFS) by default

(#7) Developer Focused

  • Container build integration
  • Documented workflow for Kubernetes development