Contributed end-to-end tutorials using minikube

Tutorials are complete worked examples made up of multiple tasks that guide the user through a relatively simple but realistic scenario: building an application that uses some of your project’s features, for example. If you have already created some Examples for your project you can base Tutorials on them.

Kubernetes 101

Tutorial showing how to deploy, explore, expose, scale, and update your applications

Setting a Static IP for a Cluster

Setting Up minikube GUI

Using minikube as Docker Desktop Replacement

Setting Up WSL 2 & Docker Desktop

Using Static Token file

Using a static token file in Minikube

Using the User Flag

Using the User Flag to Keep an Audit Log

How to use custom TLS certificate with ingress addon


CSI Driver and Volume Snapshots

CSI Driver and Volume Snapshots

Setup minikube as CI step in GitHub Actions

How to use minikube in GitHub Actions for testing your app

How to use KubeVirt with minikube

Using KubeVirt with minikube

Using Ambassador Ingress Controller

Using Ambassador Ingress Controller with Minikube

Configure credentials for AWS Elastic Container Registry using registry-creds addon

How to configure credentials for AWS ECR using the registry-creds addon for a minikube cluster

Using Minikube with Pod Security Policies

Using Minikube with Pod Security Policies

Using Multi-Node Clusters

Audit Policy

Enabling audit policy for minikube

Ingress nginx for TCP and UDP services

How to set up a minikube ingress for TCP and UDP services

Running eBPF Tools in Minikube

Running eBPF Tools in Minikube


Using NVIDIA GPU support within minikube

OpenID Connect Authentication

Configuring minikube to use OpenID Connect Authentication

Continuous Integration

How to run minikube in CI (Continuous Integration)