Setting Up minikube GUI


  • This guide will show you how to setup the minikube GUI
  • WARNING! This GUI is a prototype and therefore may be unstable or contain bugs. Please use at your own risk, we are not responsible for damages.
  • If you experience any bugs or have suggestions to improve the GUI feel free to create a GitHub Issue.
  • Please note that the SSH functionality currently only works on Linux.

Before You Begin

  • minikube setup and available on your path, follow the Getting Start doc if not already done


  1. Download minikube-gui

  2. Open the dmg and copy minikube-gui to your Applications folder

  3. Run this command to allow running the unsigned application:

xattr -d /Applications/
  1. Run the application
  1. Download minikube-gui

  2. Unzip and run minikube-gui.exe

  3. If you see the following, click More info and then Run anyway

Windows unreconized app

  1. Download minikube-gui

  2. Untar and run minikube-gui