Building the minikube binary


  • A recent Go distribution (>=1.16)
  • If you are on Windows, you’ll need Docker to be installed.
  • 4GB of RAM

Additionally, if you are on Fedora, you will need to install glibc-static:

sudo dnf install -y glibc-static

Downloading the source

git clone
cd minikube

Compiling minikube


Note: On Windows, this will only work in Git Bash or other terminals that support bash commands.

You can also build platform specific executables like below: 1. make windows will build the binary for Windows platform 2. make linux will build the binary for Linux platform 3. make darwin will build the binary for Darwin/Mac platform

Compiling minikube using Docker

To cross-compile to/from different operating systems:


The resulting binaries for each platform will be located in the out/ subdirectory.

Using a source-built minikube binary

Start the cluster using your built minikube with:

./out/minikube start

Building the ISO

See Building the minikube ISO

Continuous Integration Builds

We publish CI builds of minikube, built at every Pull Request. Builds are available at (substitute in the relevant PR number):

We also publish CI builds of minikube-iso, built at every Pull Request that touches deploy/iso/minikube-iso. Builds are available at: