Releasing a gVisor image


  • Credentials for
  • Docker
  • Gcloud


gVisor support within minikube requires a special Docker image to be generated. After merging changes to cmd/gvisor or pkg/gvisor, this image will need to be updated.

The image is located at

Why is this image required?

gvisor requires changes to the guest VM in order to function. The addons feature in minikube does not normally allow for this, so to workaround it, a custom docker image is launched, containing a binary that makes the changes.

What does the image do?

  • Creates log directories
  • Downloads and installs the latest stable gvisor-containerd-shim release
  • Updates the containerd configuration
  • Restarts containerd and rpc-statd

Updating the gVisor image

make push-gvisor-addon-image

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