Contributing to minikube documentation

minikube’s documentation is in Markdown, and generated using the following tools:

In production, the minikube website is served using Netlify

Small or cosmetic contributions

Use GitHub’s repositories and markdown editor as described by Kubernetes’s general guideline for documentation contributing

Local documentation website

To serve documentation pages locally, clone the minikube repository and run:

make site

Notes :

  • On GNU/Linux, golang package shipped with the distribution may not be recent enough. Use the latest version.
  • On Windows, our site currently causes Hugo to panic.


We recommend installing markdownlint to find issues with your markdown file. Once installed, you can use this handy target:

make mdlint

Style Guidelines

We follow the Kubernetes Documentation Style Guide

Linking between documents

For compile-time checking of links, use one of the following forms to link between documentation pages:

{{< ref "" >}}
{{< ref "#anchor" >}}
{{< ref "" >}}
{{< ref "/blog/my-post" >}}
{{< ref "/blog/" >}}
{{< relref "" >}}
{{< relref "#anchor" >}}
{{< relref "" >}}

For more information, please see Hugo: Links and Cross References

Pull Request Previews

When reviewing documentation PR’s, look for the test that says:

✓ deploy/netlify Deploy preview ready! Details

The Details link will point to a site preview URL in the form of:

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