Integration Test Flake Rates

Charts to visualize flake rates of all integration tests, split by environment

Flake rate charts by Environment

OS Driver ContainerRuntime Link
Linux docker docker Docker_Linux
Linux docker containerd Docker_Linux_containerd
Linux docker crio Docker_Linux_crio
Linux - arm64 docker crio Docker_Linux_crio_arm64
Linux - arm64 docker containerd Docker_Linux_containerd_arm64
Linux - arm64 docker docker Docker_Linux_docker_arm64
Linux kvm2 docker KVM_Linux
Linux kvm2 containerd KVM_Linux_containerd
Linux kvm2 crio KVM_Linux_crio
Linux virtualbox docker VirtualBox_Linux
Linux none docker none_Linux
macOS docker docker Docker_macOS
macOS hyperkit docker Hyperkit_macOS
macOS qemu2 docker QEMU_macOS
Windows docker docker Docker_Windows
Windows hyperv docker Hyper-V_Windows
Cloud Shell docker docker Docker_Cloud_Shell

Last modified August 18, 2023: CI/Site: Use new flake chart link (6f00b9267)