Using the Headlamp Addon

Headlamp Addon

Headlamp is an easy-to-use and extensible Kubernetes web UI.

Enable Headlamp on minikube

To enable this addon, simply run:

minikube addons enable headlamp

Once the addon is enabled, you can access the Headlamp’s web UI using the following command.

minikube service headlamp -n headlamp

To authenticate in Headlamp, fetch the Authentication Token using the following command:

export SECRET=$(kubectl get secrets --namespace headlamp -o custom-columns="" | grep "headlamp-token")
kubectl get secret $SECRET --namespace headlamp --template=\{\{.data.token\}\} | base64 --decode

Headlamp can display more detailed information when metrics-server is installed. To install it, run:

minikube addons enable metrics-server	

Testing installation

kubectl get pods -n headlamp

If everything went well, there should be no errors about Headlamp’s installation in your minikube cluster.

Disable headlamp

To disable this addon, simply run:

minikube addons disable headlamp

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