Using the Istio Addon

istio Addon

istio - Cloud platforms provide a wealth of benefits for the organizations that use them.

Enable istio on minikube

Make sure to start minikube with at least 8192 MB of memory and 4 CPUs. See official Platform Setup documentation.

minikube start --memory=8192mb --cpus=4

To enable this addon, simply run:

minikube addons enable istio-provisioner
minikube addons enable istio

In a minute or so istio default components will be installed into your cluster. You could run kubectl get po -n istio-system to see the progress for istio installation.

Testing installation

kubectl get po -n istio-system

If everything went well you shouldn’t get any errors about istio being installed in your cluster. If you haven’t deployed any releases kubectl get po -n istio-system won’t return anything.

Disable istio

To disable this addon, simply run:

minikube addons disable istio-provisioner
minikube addons disable istio

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