Using the KubeVirt Addon


  • kvm2 driver

Enable KubeVirt on minikube

Minikube can be started with default values and those will be enough to run a quick example, that being said, if you can spare a few more GiBs of RAM (by default it uses 2GiB), it’ll allow you to experiment further.

We’ll create a profile for KubeVirt so it gets its own settings without interfering what any configuration you might have already, let’s start by increasing the default memory to 4GiB:

minikube config -p kubevirt set memory 4096
minikube config -p kubevirt set vm-driver kvm2
minikube start -p kubevirt

To enable this addon, simply run:

minikube addons enable kubevirt

In a minute or so kubevirt’s default components will be installed into your cluster. You can run kubectl get pods -n kubevirt to see the progress of the kubevirt installation.

Disable KubeVirt

To disable this addon, simply run:

minikube addons disable kubevirt

More Information

See official Minikube Quickstart documentation for more information and to install KubeVirt without using the addon.

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